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Looking for a blazing act to make the crowds go wild? 
An energetic delivery of fire prowess, brought you by the fire dancers! 
This option can range from an ambient background performance, to a five piece choreographed fire production. 
All of our fire dancers have been working with fire for over 8 years, and honed their live fire performance skills. Various manipulation skills are available.. 
fire breathing ● fire eating and vapours ● fire poi
fire hula hoop ● fire fans ● fire staff ● fire vulcanes
dragon staff ● fire S staff ● fire rope ● fire acrobatics
Shows can last from 5 - 30 minutes and always tailored to fit seamlessly into your event. There are options for indoor and outdoor work, and adaptable to a variety of themes. We have Public Liability Insurance with Equity for up to £10 million and maintain a flawless safety record.