Grad Ball - A Carnival of Oddities

Brief : Bring a variety of day and night shows for the University of Nottingham Graduation Ball, embodying the Carnival of Oddities theme within the stunning ground of Colwick Hall.


What we did:

We brought a team of talented performers to the Graduation Ball, and we were busy performing from afternoon to night!

We began with some harlequin stilt walkers to greet the party goers as they began their evening, around the fairground. We then brought our mechanical dolls to life : a walkabout act that can get real wound up, and the crowd had a lot of fun with these mischievous toys. Our jumping stilts performer amazed the crowds with some leaps, flips and bounces, who roamed and created street shows. Our mystic fortune teller, complete with the teepee of truth, looked into the future of our audience, and perhaps even saw a glimpse of their university results! We joined the live band with some doll dancing on the stage, and finally finished the evening with an inferno… creating a three person fire show with six different fire skills and props. It was certainly fair to say that we got the party started!