Guilty Pleasures


What We Did :

We brought the Guilty Pleasures super kitsch fun vibe alive on stage... to the north!

Guilty Pleasures has been rocking London for the past 15 years, and is beginning to move upwards of the big smoke. So they approached us to collaborate in creating their unique atmosphere – and so we brought some of the funnest, most kitsch acts fed by pop culture, candyfloss and killer tunes, as both stage and interactive acts.

Thus far we have worked together on all their Liverpool based events, festivals in Scotland and Cheshire and also their Main Stage invasion at Manchester Pride, with more in the pipeline.

We have created trio drag queen acts, which have ranged from 80s power rock vibes to Moulin Rouge to hip hop, with some of the most acclaimed drag queens in the area.

We’ve brought priests and confession booths, with their high percentage blessing water, to clear the conscious of the incredibly sinful audience members.

We’ve got the public on stage with cream cake eating competitions and limbo challenges... as well as our walkabout clown cleaners, who couldn’t resists some burlesque, and our walkabout love heart hostesses, complete with sweetie trays.

Not to forget our Mavis + Rita - our in house acrobatic grandmas, who despite their back issues, go wild for a bit of Rhianna.

Guilty Pleasures also facilitated the birth of a brand new dance troupe... They have high kicked, triple turned, sashayed and done the worm in a synchronized vision across many stages in the north. Their scope of genres is as varied as their costumes : with choreographed acts to Beyonce, MC Hammer and Ricky Martin, amongst others.

In other words... Pure pop joy!