Brief : Create a huge range of entertainment for Halloween season, from family friendly shows to distinctly dark performance. 

What We Did :

Halloween season is a personal favourite of ours, so we really enjoy going to town for this one! This is an example of what we've created over the past two years.... 
For a daytime town centre event, we provided six mini street shows, involving stilt walking, hula hoop, clowning and fire. 
For a shopping centre, we provided a playful stilts duo to promote their day of family activities. 
Involvement in Bonfire Night Fire Shows for large public parks. 
For a chain of restaurant, we provided specialist horror acts of sideshow performers and creepy contortionists, with varied themes of Gothic to Exorcist, across 3 cities. 
For a cabaret restaurant, we created 6 tailor made acts all along the story of the Black Widows Chateau, which involved needle piercing, spoken word, fire manipulation, stapling and even a staged murder and edible heart. 
For a large Halloween club event, we provided a team of 15 stilt walkers, 20 walkabout actors, special effects make up artists and stage management. 
For another large party event, we choreographed a stage show involving celestial angel dancers and aerial artists, that degraded into horror with the invasion of acrobatic demons.