Kleine New Orleans

Client Brief:
Create a host of street theatre pieces, based upon the traditions and rituals of New Orleans. For a popular one day live music festival in Utrecht, the Netherlands. 


What We Did

On the second year of providing entertainment for this festival, we brought a 14 person team, including a stage manager, prop maker, photographer and costume designer, alongside a team of widely skilled performers. 
The majority of our acts were mobile walkabout acts, however we did build a fortune tellers tent and a temporary funeral ceremony. Throughout the day, we had our fortune teller welcoming the crowd with her mystical visions and voodoo dolls, whilst an astounding masked magician was combing the crowds with his sleight of hand. Our End of Times Preacher was spouting all kinds of controversial ideas from the speakers corner, debating life and death with the crowds. The Puppet Master and Doll also came to life here - a doll on puppet strings, testing her boundaries and scheming escape routes. 
The piece d'resistance was the funeral procession. We carried a blood red coffin through the site lead by a priest and a woeful widow, followed by mournful musicians. The coffin was set down, and so began the eulogy of our long lost friend - but not quite the usual eulogy... Yet moments before laying him to rest, there was a motion in the coffin as the drunkard had come back to life. He rose out playing the saxophone and lead the crowd to the headline band of the evening, with all rejoicing! 
At dusk, we finished with the fire ritual. In the midst of a big brass band, the fire charmer was summoned + performed wild stunts in the midst of a trance, inspired by voodoo practises of South Louisiana. To the music of trembling trombones, she revealed ritualistic objects appearing out of her physical body, and fire manipulation in a hurricane!