Manchester Pride 2018

Client Brief : Create a variety of pop up shows, flash mobs and walkabout acts and create the Opening Ceremony for Manchester Pride Weekend, representing the theme ‘Circus of Acceptance'.


What we did :

We brought together a huge array of various circus acts to represent the variety within circus and all its creativity.

For the Opening Ceremony, we worked together with the renowned House of Suarez to create two flash mob performances at Metrolink stops in Manchester, and the Opening Ceremony on the main stage. In the space of 4 minutes, we created a high impact show of contortionists, dancers, drag queens, hula hoopers, fire performers, duo acrobats and jumping stilts artists. It truly was a feast for the eyes for the crowds to begin their weekend of celebrations!

The Hoopla Troop performed each day amongst the crowds, employing a mix of gorilla performances, mini workshops with the crowds and engaging the audience with physical games with the hoops.

Highly interactive street shows brought the Circus of Acceptance theme to life. We had bouncy stilt acrobats doing walkabout street shows, involving some very brave audience participators… and as well as our Crystal Ball Juggler who came out to play, who entertained the crowd for hours with his hypnotic skills.

We provided fire shows every night, tantalising the crowds with fire eating, fire breathing, fire hoop and dragon staff shows from our skilled performers. And we finished with an incredible burlesque performer to do her Village People Unicycle act and a Martini Glass show for the crowds, involving water guns and an 80s training montage!

Its safe to say we left the four day event feeling honoured to be part of such a beautiful celebration of love, and we couldn’t be prouder!